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2 Doodle Boys - 05 Sep 2019 -I have a 5 Month old and a 2 1/2 year old from MPA. They are both Awesome dogs! I highly recommend Labradoodles as they are very trainable and have a great temperament. Oh! and of course they do not shed and require minimal to no maintenance when you follow a regular grooming schedule. What makes it even better is the Mast family is awesome too. They are genuinely nice people and want the best for the Dogs and the families adopting them. The process was very smooth so If Looking for your next family member look no further!!

Danielle C
Dale City VA


Happy I chose MPA - 06 Feb 2019 -We brought home Merla from Singapore’s litter. It was obvious from the start that the Mast family played with and loved on her. She is smart, loving, and wants to play with every human being alive. High energy and smart. No health issues and a shaggy, non-shedding coat. And no complaints about working with the Masts - they were very responsive and hospitable. Thanks!

Ashlee H
Frederick MD


Best dog Ever - 31 Dec 2018 -Elle, from Australia’s April 2018 litter, super attentive energy, playful, affectionate and loving. Perfect soft non-shedding coat, very easy care. Loves, the lake, swimming, jumping off kayak & taking us on walks! Thank you for our beautiful companion.

Jennifer V
Monroe Georgia


Lola - 31 Dec 2018 -We picked up our doodle in September 2017 and she’s been a wonderful addition to our family. Our experience at M.P.A. Was seamless, the owner and his family are kind, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this business.

Geoff T
Springfield Va


Tulip's pink -16 Sep 2018 -Tulip's pink is now named Pearl and is about 45 lbs. We love her. She is mild-tempered, calm and confident. Not skittish about anything or anyone. We credit this to the following: 1)Tulip was an attentive mom 2) She spent the first few months of her life outdoors in nature on a farm with other dogs 3) The Mast kids spent lots of play time with her. She got the best socialization -- canine, Mother Nature and human. Her soft, wavy coat is non-shedding and "wash 'n' wear". We barely brush her and she doesn't seem to ever mat (gets a haircut every 8 wks). A great family dog!

Arlington VA


Lucy - 15 Sep 2018 -We are in love with Lucy our 8 week old labradoodle! I started researching doodles this past spring and finally came across miraclepawsacres online. The Mast family was so sweet and patient as i asked many questions before making a choice. I decided on a merle color and after the litter was born the Masts even sent pictures of the new litter. Our family got to visit twice before our final pickup of Lucy. The Mast family is so sweet and their dogs are adorable. I also loved that the kids played so much with the puppies. They even taught Lucy to sit a stay! Thank you so much Mast family. I highly recommend their dogs.

Lorie T
Broadway VA


The Sweetest Puppies! - 15 Aug 2018 -We got our sweet Jasmine in June! She has really grown into her sweet, playful personality. She loves dogs and kids, and she plays so well with them. You can tell she was very well socialized. We take her everywhere and get so many complements on how well behaved she is. She was so easy to train and super smart. My mom and her best friend both got puppies too and we regularly have "family reunions".

Lauren W
Richmond VA


Testimonial #931 - May 2018 -The Mast family raises wonderful dogs that are very confident and well-socialized! Their children give lots of love and attention to the puppies, and it was clear to me when I met the dogs and the family that the puppies have a great start to life with the Mast family. The puppies are so comfortable around new people and new dogs because they are so well socialized. Also, John and Becky were always available to answer questions that I had and were easy to communicate and get in touch with. I highly recommend their dogs!

K. Taylor
Lexington VA


Finn - 04 May 2018 -Meeting John, Becky and their wonderful children was just as great as meeting our beautiful boy Finn. He was just as cute and adorable in person as he was in the website photos. The whole process from start to finish was extremely easy and laid back. They shared so many stories and being with them even for a short time it was easy to see how much they love their dogs and how responsible they are with their care and compassion for these pups. We highly recommend them if you are in the market for a Labradoodle of any kind. Finn has been a welcome edition to our family and is a fantastic puppy who fills our days with laughter and joy!

Kim & Joe B
Chesapeake VA


We love our new addition! - 02 Apr 2018 -Our family absolutely adores our wonderful new addition. We brought our puppy home at 4 months old and it's been an adventure since. The proprietors of Miracle Paws Acres were a pleasure to work with. Their location is a stones throw from the National Capital Region. Once you get there, you'll find the highest quality of labradoodles at very competitive prices. I would recommend them to anyone interested in F1BB labradoodles with a moderate temperament and easy demeanor.

Lyzette & Geoff T
Springfield VA


Wonderful Experience. Wonderful family! - 18 Feb 2018 -John, Becky, and family are delightful. Honest, straight-forward, and low key. Our experience from beginning to end was stressless, informative, and pleasant. We had a problem of our own creation and they worked with us to find a satisfactory solution for all. We would not hesitate to go to them again in the future for another furry, four-legged family member.

Denis & Kaye P
Williamsburg VA


Ruca - 22 Jan 2018 -We are in love! Ruca has been a great addition to our family. He loves long walks on the beach, car rides, playing with our other dog, and sleeping. He has been a fast learner and has been easy to train. Ruca is growing fast but each stage just gets better. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Thank You!!

Holly & Mike C
Manteo North Carolina


We love our new puppy! - 06 Jan 2018 -We named our new puppy Ozzie. He is very sweet and affectionate. The vet said he is very healthy. He was six months old when we brought him home and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves car rides, long walks and playing ball. He’s very, very smart and was quickly housebroken. Recently we took him on vacation with us and stayed in a motel. We visited many relatives and friends and everyone loved him.

Debbie & Jim H
Burke Virginia


Phoebe - 14 Nov 2017 -John and Becky, I just wanted to let you know that Phoebe has been such a wonderful addition to our family ! I am enrolling her in a dog training class just to make sure she is totally the best dog ever, as she loves to jump on people when she greets them. She is so happy and makes me smile every minute of every day ! She follows me everywhere to make sure I am ok, and to maybe get a treat or extra play time. She loves our other dogs, and everyone in our community and everywhere we take her, everyone falls in love with her.
Thank you for bringing this beautiful bundle of joy into our lives !

Karen B
Myrtle beach FL

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